Apoy Sa Dibdib Ng Samar

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After years away, Daniel Giron (Mark Lapid), a Manila policeman comes home to Sta. Rita, Samar, just when his father (Roy Vinzon) also a lawman, has been killed, shot from behind. Daniel goes hunting for the culprits and meets up with the local officials and big shots: illegal logger Don Balderos (Dick Israel), the major who looks forward to a share of the income, and the police chief who is bribed to protect the logging enterprise. Giron's death is traced to the Don and his activities. Daniel is warned to keep off and away which is contrary to what he wants to do. His situation becomes further complicated by his romantic involvement with townmate and former schoolmate Katrina (Cristine Reyes), the logger's daughter.

In the attempt to include several matters, the story's development becomes complicated and unclear. The investigation into Giron's death turns up the illegal logging problem which messes up Daniel's pursuit of his father's killers. Besides he could not simply ignore the devastation of the town's forest. At the same time his relations with Katrina poses more danger to his personal safety. The main cast of Lapid and Reyes, at the best is visibly still amateurish. Oropeza, Vinzon and Israel play typecast roles with not enough opportunity to show their worth. At times the music tends to overwhelm the dialogue. The story does not focus sufficiently on what is its central idea.

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