Carta Alas, Huwag Ka Ng Humirit Movie 2001

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It is the law versus a carnapping syndicate. Police Capt. Ted Cordero (Ace Vergel) heads the team, supported by Chief of Police, Col. Cynthia Moreno (Jean Saburit), the help of informer Melvin (Dick Israel) with the backing of the town police. The leader of the syndicate is Daks Imperial (Efren Reyes), the mayor's attorney. In a major police operation, everyone in the buyers' group is arrested; but no one among the carnappers is caught. In the confusion, the payment for the hot cars, kept in an attaché case, is picked up by Melvin, who decides to keep it. In Imperial's efforts to recover his money, the informer is killed, but no money is found. Cordero is implicated in his associate and "barkada's" death, and Andrea (Antonette Taus), Melvin's "inaanak" also becomes suspect because there is evidence that she has been present at the crime-scene. This complication and the efforts to find the evidence and witnesses to pin Imperial, keep Cordero's hands full.

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